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Welcome to eInvesting! You've found the coolest stock market game on the web. At eInvesting you compete for monthly cash prizes while you interact, make virtual dollars, purchase items, and trade in the realistic stock market simulator. We make investing FUN!

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Stock Market Simulator Investing Forum

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Compete in the Stock Market Simulator competition!  Buy Stocks, track your progress, view your trade history and see how you stack up compared to other members. Register once and access both the forum and the stock sim, it just takes a minute. Plus, it's free! See a Sample Portfolio.

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Hal E. Burton




Meet other investors and discuss the game in the eInvesting forum!

Our forum is a great resource for all kinds of investing and money saving discussion.  Every time you post in the forum you make an additional 200 eInvesting$ to use for your portfolio.  Active forum members compete in a separate more lucrative competition!

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Recent Posts

Here are some recent posts in our forum:

"This trade simulator is just like the real thing. Taking into account the costs of trading in the real market. With a great group of members who will share in the experiences they have had in the market place!"
"My IRA had sat inactive for over 4 years. Einvesting gave me the confidence to start trading for real again!"
"Coming from a person who is a financial basket case, this site is teaching me how to reverse my situation before it is too late. Everyone I have come into contact with is very helpful and are here to help. That in itself is a fantastic reason to join!!"
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